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peacock green elegant gown
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peacock green elegant gown
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white and pink gown with pink duppatta and pearl work
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white and pink gown with pink duppatta and pearl work
1992 INR



Gowns are the elegant one-piece dresses that are a true representation of feminism and grace. It can be called the international alternative to the saree, as in foreign countries it is commonly worn for all special occasions that a saree would be worn in India. The main feature that gowns are becoming more popular in India for is that they are known to fearlessly show off your body shape and there is a different style for every type of body figure. Deeply influenced by western culture, only thick premium fabrics are used to highlight the style and cut of the gowns and make the wearer look even more subtle.


Wholesale gowns:

If you are personally looking for wholesale gowns in large quantities we have a variety that you have not seen and no other supplier is offering it. So if you want unique pieces that are sure to be popular among your customers, go for our catalogs as they deliver in terms of cost and style. Every catalog features more than 3 products and they display a range of colours and many different designs adorned on every piece. Gowns have gained their very own section of the Surat market and to a greater extent, it has formed a vital category of women's clothing on the Indian market.



Our latest gown catalog features all the latest trends all the way from the international market and is incorporated into our creations to give a fusion of style and comfort to give a beautiful outfit that many girls would love to try after seeing it for the first time. Do not worry about limited options as we offer a range of colours that are best suited for every occasion you have planned throughout the year, making sure every woman looks modern and sophisticated. 


Types of Fabric:

Gowns are a versatile garment that makes use of premium fabric choices such fabrics are discussed below.



India is a major producer of the luxurious silk fiber, mainly produced in the southern states where there is a large number of mulberry trees for silkworms to eat. Silk is a natural fiber that holds complex meaning in our culture. Many women cherish this material and you will find that it is worn only for special events like a wedding, or an important party where all your finest clothing should be worn. 



Cotton fiber is obtained from the cotton plant and this makes it a natural fabric that has been used by humans since the beginning of time, this is one reason why it will always be one of the most loved fabrics of all time. Other advantages of cotton are that it is breathable, easy to maintain, dries fast, and does not lose its shape fast, making it last for many years. 



Georgette is a fabric that is loved for its lightweight and sheer properties, most pleasing when in bright colours it is a fabric with many applications. It has found great use in the ethnic women's sections as it exudes elegance to the wearer. 



Looking for a fabric that looks like silk but differs only in the price tag? Satin is the fabric to choose because it is smooth and shiny just like real silk fabric but available for a much lower price, you should not feel ashamed of wearing this stylish alternative for any event, actually, some people will even think it is real silk material.



Although not a common fabric, we offer it to those women who love it and know its value. The jacquard is characterized by the presence of textured patterns that are imprinted into the surfaces, because these patterns are so appealing there is no need for any other overpowering designs, making it a plain and simple outfit for every occasion. 


Types of gowns:


Designer gowns:

You probably recognized many girls wearing stunning gowns that feature heavy decorating and unique features. These designs can be called designer gowns because they are carefully planned by an expert clothing maker. Embroidery, stonework, mirror work, and beading are all visible on these garments making them sparkle especially at evening events when it is dark.


Wedding gowns:

Attending a western-themed wedding and need a suitable outfit, we have wedding-ready gowns that are made to cater to the high fashion quality that can be seen at a wedding, engagement ceremony. Silk is a fabric that is closely associated with the wedding scene making it the loved choice for every Indian woman.


Shipping and Payment:

Shipping is offered to every customer, local and abroad. Charges vary from country to country but we assure you they will be kept to a minimum rate. Damaged products are not a reality because we wrap our products carefully to make sure that there are no accidents during the transport process. Also, we only deal with trusted courier partners to safely deliver products on time.


To make shopping easier for our customers, we have many payment options such as Visa, Maestro, Mastercard cards, Net banking, and COD. This makes it easy for every person to purchase from us.


Supplier information:


We are a supplier of wholesale ethnic and western women's wear. To cater to retail shops we have set up our warehouse in the textile hub, Surat. Our customers are comprised of people and businesses from all over the world. We aim to keep delivering quality products to all customers at a low price to keep all clients happy with their products.


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