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firoji cotton silk fabric gotta patti work party wear
firoji cotton silk fabric gotta patti work party wear
6033 INR
pink rayon fabric hand print work non bridal
pink rayon fabric hand print work non bridal
5627 INR
blue cotton fabric resham embroidery work party wear
blue cotton fabric resham embroidery work party wear
3856 INR

One clothing item that can be worn every day or for any occasion is the kurti. Have jeans, leggings or a churidar that need to be paired up, just use a long kurti or a short kurti that can be easily worn to create a stylish ethnic team or a comfortable clothing team and the same wholesale kurtis is available online

The best part of this clothing is that it can be matched to your preference and personal style easily making it a good choice for anyone.

Cotton kurtis at wholesale price online

You and I both know that the weather in India and other hot countries is severe and sometimes unbearable, you can go ahead and help yourself through summers by buying wholesale cotton Kurtis that will keep the air flowing through it and provide comfort that cannot be gotten from any other fabric. Cotton is defined as an ideal fabric because it does not leak dye, requires little decoration, and dries fast when washed. Everywhere around the world this fabric is considered as a staple fabric that is cheap and has been used since the beginning of human civilization.

Rayon Kurti at wholesale price online

Want a smooth fabric but cannot afford silk fabric, no worries, rayon is a fabric that is also known as artificial silk because of the smooth surface and the bright colours it comes in. Choosing just one will be a difficult decision for any woman not to mention the design options. We are the largest wholesale rayon kurti supplier from Surat, Gujarat, Indian who have a wide range of patterns and styles.

Wholesale Rate Kurti For Business

A demand for this garment exists from retail businesses who require bulk products for reselling in their shops, this is why we have become a leading wholesale ladies suits supplier to many customers in India and to be more specific the Surat market where kurtis are among the most popular daily wear for girls and women who appreciate the ease of wearing them. Our website is perfect destination for the one who is looking buy wholesale kurtis for business online This trend is not just here but in every city such as Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai, women are becoming more attached to the kurti.

Branded Kurti

We never compromise with quality and always make sure the customer gets the right product and that is the reason bulk buyers can easily make purchase of ladies branded kurtis at wholesale price from Surat market or through our online shopping store in India and worldwide.

Readymade Kurti

Tired of having outfits that are too big or too small? We have a simple resolution to your problem, custom stitching is available for a minimal amount of money. So for paying a small portion extra you can have a full fitting outfit that is made to look stunning. A part from this our wholesale readymade kurti comes along with free size which can be easily customized as your desire


We will do all the work for you as we study the market to see what trends are hot at the moment and what women are looking for in terms of ethnic/western fashion. Want a taste of the latest designs and styles, just have a look at our latest kurti design catalog that has been put together thoughtfully by a team of expert designers who know all about award-winning fashion styles. All you have to do is have a look at our catalog to see what is the hottest style in town to know what is worth it to wear for every occasion. Right from wholesale designer kurti to cotton anarkali kurti we have it all for you.

Types of kurtis

  • First One

    There is no other style that is as famous and nationally-renowned as the Anarkali style, this is because of the role it played in being part of the royal history during the Mughal period.

    For this reason, you will probably choose to wear these for weddings and parties and of course, the fabric of choice will be the luxurious silk material because it is the fabric of royalty.

    Wholesale Anarkali kurti has a garment that is classic and will not be out of fashion, and can be called an evergreen style.

    This pattern has been in demand for years and people all around the globe make purchases for the same. It comes in various styles and fabrics and the largest collection is available in our store. Click here to buy anarkali kurtis online in India and world wide.

  • Second One

    This modern style that infuses ethnic and western features in one outfit will be sure to make hearts stop at first sight as it creates a breathtaking vision of how women can look so feminine in this beloved attire. Best paired with a churidar or a light pair of kurti with palazzo pants to highlight your legs, creating a killer combination has never been easier.

  • Third One

    Wholesale Cotton Printed kurti is the easiest styling that can be applied to clothing, what makes it even more affordable is that they are made by machine. The best part of these garments are that we offer a wide variety of printed designs to choose from, fill your wardrobe up with them as they are great casual wear or daily wear for the office.

  • Wholesale Georgette kurtis

    Attending a party or a public event and you want attention from onlookers, then this is the one to go for, georgette offers an equal amount of style and comfort all for a minimal price tag making not owning one of these a sin. Available in many decorative designs such as embroidery, beadwork or stonework there will be one for every occasion that is how many styles we offer you.

Kurti pattern

If we talk about the pattern then obviously it’s too much and on a daily basis a new kind of pattern is launched. Here is few Kurti style

  • This one is known wholesale plain kurti in our store. If any lady prefers having some thing simple one then definitely this is would be the perfect choice. It comes in various styles preferred for office goers. You can have millions of websites and there are only few Kurti online shopping websites in India which sell plain style.

  • Next one you shouldn’t be missing, which is completely different from the previous one and you can discover on our website by the name of wholesale party wear kurti, a perfect clothing for attending special occasions.

  • Last but not the least and same buy printed kurti online at wholesale price from us. This comes with kinds of prints and totally opposite to simple one. If you love colors then this would be the perfect choice for you.

Surat Market warehouse

Our warehouse is located in Surat Market, Gujarat, India, which is the biggest hub where you can buy Indian dresses for women online and offline. You name it and you will have it and we also have wholesale salwar kameez and the most important prices are always compared to any clothes market in India.

What are the payment options?

When it comes to payment, do not worry as we have many options made to suit all customers. Visa, American Express etc

Master and Maestro cards are all accepted. Netbanking and COD are also available options. With these payment options, we hope to reach all clients domestic and international and make online shopping a smooth experience on navyamwholesale a website that caters to ethnic women's wear.

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