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orange banarsi silk fabric jari and gota patti work non bridal gown
orange banarsi silk fabric jari and gota patti work non bridal gown
16536 INR
grey net fabric resham and jarkan work non bridal gown
grey net fabric resham and jarkan work non bridal gown
16173 INR
green silk fabric siquence and jari work non bridal gown
green silk fabric siquence and jari work non bridal gown
14718 INR
green banarsi silk fabric gota patti work non bridal gown
green banarsi silk fabric gota patti work non bridal gown
16173 INR
peach net fabric resham,jari,jarjan work non bridal gown
peach net fabric resham,jari,jarjan work non bridal gown
16536 INR

Every Indian woman will agree that no other garment reaches the level of the lehenga, this iconic outfit holds cultural significance and traditional portrayal which is why it has remained such an important part of the Indian women clothing industry, although this clothing was worn regularly by female royalty today it is only worn for occasions auspicious enough to demand an outfit as lavish as the lehenga choli.

On a daily basis a lot of search is made on buying lehenga choli online at wholesale price in India and globally. It is an outfit that has become cherished by every girl and it has become a dream to wear this timeless outfit.

Lehenga Market

Lehenga has found its place in the India market as being a sophisticated wear for the occasions of weddings, parties and especially worn by brides who are looking for a princess-like look, but this is not all, it has even made it to the international market. In fact, it has become so popular that it can be seen in all cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata.

You are already aware that we are located in Surat, Gujarat, India and we are the biggest wholesale lehenga seller in Surat market and all over India. The rate that we have on our website is extremely low that you would not find even in the Delhi lehenga market or any other market.

Lehenga For Buisness

Have a retail business and require wholesale lehenga choli for doing business then we offer all of this and the great news is that each Lehenga catalog has many pieces that have an assortment of colours and different designs that customers will love. Buying any lehenga designs catalog is definitely a wise investment that you will not regret buying.

Navyamwholesale makes having a business easy and stress free as you will not have to worry about goods, we offer a convenient system that fulfills all retail needs.

Types of Lehenga We have

    • Buy Wedding lehenga online at wholesale price

      Weddings are the most prestigious events in Indian culture and everyone knows that extravagant dressing is a must for such an occasion, so if you do not want to be left out of the loop have a look at our wholesale designer lehenga designs to find a style that is both to your liking and ready for the wedding scene. It is a well-known fact that weddings require you to dress to the best level and anything less will not do. The lehengas we sell are made to cater to the wedding scene as they have a heavy decorated skirt and also a decorated choli that matches well, or you can mix and match your own designs, the choice is yours. You can just buy wholesale price wedding lehenga by doing a few simple clicks on your computer or you can even shop Indian dress for woman available on our store.

    • Bridal lehenga Online at wholesale rate

      It only takes one look to fall in love with these outfits as they are heavily decorated with sparkling stonework and intricate embroidery to create a breathtaking look. The good news is now brides can have one more option when it comes time to shop for that one outfit that will be remembered forever. The traditional choice for a bridal outfit is the saree but these are old now and there is a new choice for all those fashionable women, lehenga choli designs has taken its place as the winner of every bride's heart and the suitable outfit for this occasion. There are many lehenga online shopping stores in India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand but we are the only ones who sell wholesale rate bridal lehenga from Surat market online.

    • Panelled lehenga

      Easily recognized due to its skirt that has different portions that are characterized by the presence of a minimum of two or more fabric types. If you want to look different from every other girl then try the panelled style lehenga. If you ask me this style looks even more attractive when in darker colours.

    • Party Wear Lehenga Online:

      Attending parties or any Indian traditional event then do buy wholesale price party wear lehenga choli suitable for reception, engagement and festival.

    • Buy Engagement Lehenga For Bride Online

Engagement is the first ceremony which is held before a wedding, where multiple guests arrive and a ring is exchanged between couples. This day is special for the bride as she gets introduced to family relatives and other close members of the family. Every lady wants the first impression to be best and that's the reason we are selling engagement lehenga online at wholesale rate so you have enough funds left for buying other stuff. If you feel wearing this can be heavier then you can go ahead with Wholesale kurti that we have.

Why You Should Buy From us Online?

  1. You can get all wholesale lehenga catalogs from here.

  2. The largest variety of colours and designs, all are stunning.

  3. Here you will find the lowest prices guaranteed.

  4. No compromise on quality, all products are made with the finest raw materials.

  5. Shipping is provided to all customers, nation or international.

  6. Returns are accepted in some cases.

Lehenga Fabric

  1. Good quality products are exactly what you will find here, the finest raw materials act as the starting blocks of our production process, the final product is the beautiful products you see on our website. When talking about raw material we mean the fabrics that we use, have a look at them

  2. Silk is an expensive material that is the only fabric worthy enough to be used for our bridal and wedding lehenga catalog

  3. Cotton clothing is made to keep you cool even in the hottest time of the day, be wise and buy it if you want to feel fresh all day long.

  4. Georgette is another sophisticated fabric that can be used for special events that require you to look your best. Do not make the mistake of avoiding this fabric.

  5. Satin. If you cannot afford silk fabric there is a cheaper alternative, satin is affordable and still possesses all the desirable properties of silk material.


For a small amount extra we can sew the outfit to your body measurements, so no need to waste any time looking for a tailor who might mess up your outfit just send us your body measurements. The custom fitting we offer is just a service we provide because we know that some people need to wear their outfit soon and have little time to waste on getting the fitting done right. So have peace of mind and let us stitch it for you.

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